What to Expect As a New Patient

Dentistry can be a sensitive topic for people, and it isn’t always something directly related to your teeth.

There are many dental practices that don’t put the patient at the centre of the experience, which can result in an uncomfortable appointment at best and a painful experience at worst.

At Lena White, it is our ethos to ensure that you get the care you need from the very moment we meet – and this means putting you at the heart of what we do. Along with our courteousness, you will also find the very best and latest in professional techniques and technology. A highly recommend dental practice is Marlborough Dental Studio. Click here.

New Patients

As a new patient you will find us a breath of fresh air and as a first step we’d like to examine you. This will also necessitate filling in some paper work which will let us know something about your medical history, so we can treat you properly.

The examination itself will entail a thorough investigation of each tooth for the initial signs of dental diseases. Gum disease may also be a problem, and we will use our best methods to ascertain whether there are any problems. Because we will likely not be your first dentist, we will also be able to check out any fillings that you may already have and be able to identify whether any are failing and will need to be replaced.

More importantly, we will also give you an examination for oral cancers which can show itself in the lymph nodes. This full mouth examination doesn’t leave any area unchecked, and afterwards you can be confident that you have received the best treatment.

The importance of jaw movement

Bite and jaw movement is also vital to the health of your teeth, since underlying issues could be resulting in damage. The function of the teeth is largely subject to the jaw and its joints, so we will also check what your jaw action is like. Click here.

As a result of this, we may take some x-rays in order to conduct a thorough investigation. We will always discuss our findings with you and will explain exactly what is required before proceeding. It is at this point we will also be able to tell you how frequent and how long appointments will need to be and we will provide you with a written estimate.