Downloading Lena White Resources

To download an image, click on one of the thumbnails below. You will see the image large on the page and be asked to choose which file size you would like to download.

These images are to be used in accordance with the following Lena White guidelines.

  • Only to be used to promote the use of Lena White products in your salon

  • Not to be used for the sale of Lena White products on any unauthorized website

Skyfall Lacquer Image

OPI Germany Image 1

OPI Germany Image 2

OPI Germany Image 3

OPI Germany Image 4

OPI Germany Image 5

OPI Holland Image 2

OPI Holland Image

OPI Texas image

OPI Touring America Image 2

OPI Lacquer Image

OPI Group Shot

Lacquer image

Thrill of Brazil splat

Axxium Model

Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer

OPI Designer series image 2

OPI Designer series

Avojuice by OPI


GelColor Wheel

Clean and Healthy

Manicure shot

Nail lacquer


Lacquer group

Pedicure family

Avoplex Manicure