Retailing Tips for your business …

When we offer professional services or speak to customers looking to improve their nails or just find amazing nail colour …. OPI has the solution!

Step One:

Merchandising is an essential step to getting the right response from your customers.  If your homecare products are displayed tidily and attractively then it will create a much nicer atmosphere for your clients to browse .. and buy.  

Lena White Limited has a selection of custom made displays for lacquer and OPI’s top selling treatments.  The displays are white and clean looking and sit perfectly on your counter top or display shelves.  The displays are available in a variety of configurations - single trays of Treatments or colour or a two tiered display with either two rows of lacquer or lacquer and treatment.

Here are some more merchandising tips …

Step one:

Don’t stack products up as clients will find it hard to see and understand what they are looking at.   If the customer cannot see what she is buying then she won’t bother.

Step two:

Stocking your displays can be the most costly and time consuming part of creating your retail area.  Luckily, Lena White Limited have already analysed the top selling treatments and OPI Nail Lacquer shades ensuring their ready filled displays are perfect without giving you the stress of working things out.

Step three:

Stay on trend.  Working with OPI means you can be assured you have the latest nail lacquer trends at your fingertips.  Its worth planning in space for seasonal collections and offers which then keeps your space flexible and interesting.  If your displays look the same every time a customer comes in they will get bored and not bother looking after a while.  Highlight new items on a special shelf so they know where to look each time.  Choose a certain time each year to retire slower moving items and replace them with newer lines to keep your range fresh and inviting.

Step four:

Pricing - Make sure you price your retail items clearly.  Some clients are afraid to ask which may be the difference between them purchasing something or not.

Step five:

Good as gold. Customer service is key to any successful business. Any smart business owner will tell you that customers are gold and should be treated as such. I always remind my employees that customers pay their cheques and deserve their undivided attention at all times. Customer service isn't just telling a customer "hello"; it's also about helping them to their car with their packages and making sure they had a great experience while shopping in your store. Each customer should be treated the same and given equal attention whether they buy something or not. Treat your customers with respect, and always go the extra mile for them. Word of mouth is priceless--your best advertising can come from a happy customer. All it costs is your time.

Retailing Tips

Top 10 Tips to get your Retail Ringing in those Sales!

  1. Put top sellers front and center at the shelf edge so they are easy to grab and buy. Build other products around them. Have small items near the cash for those last-minute impulse buys.
  2. Use category shelf talkers and tent cards to help clients find the right products for their needs.
  3. Mark prices on the bottom. Make sure the area is well lit, and be sure to dust and tidy up the retail area daily.
  4. Merchandising is both for tactical selling and image-building. Incorporate both in the six key areas for total success: reception, stylist stations, special display area, front window, back bar and retail area.
  5. Make sure shelves are fully stocked daily.
  6. Change your display regularly every 6 to 8 weeks. People love to see what’s new.
  7. Look at how other retailers, like department stores, are doing displays to get ideas for your own.
  8. People will support what they help to create, so get your team’s input for promotions. And reward them for recommending and selling through.
  9. Have regular promotions. Distributors and manufacturers will be very supportive.
  10. Track your inventory and analyze the numbers. It should turn over regularly. Eliminate slow movers. Purchase what your clients are buying.