Lena White Limited, an unrivalled story of success... Lena shaped an industry not just a nail...

Over thirty years ago the UK nail industry was unrecognisable to how it is today.  Working as an ambitious Nail Technician and then going on to hold training courses, Lena was able to see ahead and understood what women would want and the instant gratification and effortless style beautiful manicured hands give. Lena was determined to offer something new and better to her clients than the old fashioned, basic formulas available at the time.  Lena and her daughter Lisa, also then a nail technician, went on an exploratory trip to New York in 1983. It was here that they heard about OPI, an up and coming American brand from North Hollywood and they have never looked back.

Our goal is to provide all beauty and nail professionals with the very best quality products coupled with the best service our Industry has to offer. Lena White Limited has upheld OPI’s reputation in the UK by educating Nail Technicians and Consumers to be excited about the possibilities of using these superb products enhancing their own and the nails of their clients.

Why choose OPI?

What does OPI stand for?

Before the names, the fashion shades and the millions of fans, there were dental supplies sold by a company called Odontorium Products Inc, owned by George Schaeffer, following requests from nail techs to purchase the dental acrylics to form nails, George created a finer and safer acrylic to use and in the winter of 1981, OPI was born.  OPI recently sold to Coty Inc. Coty has built a unique portfolio of brands that have produced some of the strongest consumer franchises in history. Coty is a company that keeps changing, staying on the cutting edge by meeting the increasingly sophisticated demands of consumers in a mercurial global market.

Since OPI’s launch their passion and innovation has never stopped. OPI has revolutionised the nail care industry, combining leading edge technology with an unerring sense of style.  Thanks to OPI, beautifully manicured nails are now perceived as an essential affordable fashion accessory and the final touch to complete any look.

OPI continues to keep nail professionals and their clients at the forefront of innovation with an entire range of state-of-the-art quality products for hands, feet, and nails. OPI had been granted more than 30 patents for its innovative exclusive product idea.  Dedicated to the professional beauty industry, OPI is committed to consistently offering products of exceptional quality and innovation; to continuing to set standards and trends; and to delivering the beautiful results that the world has come to expect front the leader in professional nail care.  By offering OPI in your salon or spa, you can be assured that you are offering a range that your clients will trust and love. 

Train with OPI

Take your first step with the most professional and experienced company in the nail industry. OPI is an exciting progressive company and is committed to providing quality, indulgent, luxury treatments globally.  This energy and drive for excellence ensures that you and your business will always be up to date with the latest nail technology and that you will always have the best and most on-trend fashion nail lacquer shades available. Whether you are new to our industry or wish to take your skills and services to the next level, OPI has the solutions for you and your business.

In 2010, Lena White Limited celebrated 27 years of successfully training some of the UK’s most professional nail technicians. All of the experience and knowledge that we have gained along the way is passed on to our students to ensure that YOU can achieve the skills needed to become an industry professional, an OPI expert, step by step through to the most advanced levels of Higher Learning.