What To Expect When Visiting Your Dentist

10 benefits of having cosmetic dentistry

Dental Services and Your Options As a Patient

Your Dental Practice

Most dental practices offer a full range of dental care including bridges, crowns, dentures, cosmetic work, tooth whitening and hygienist facilities.

Dental practices have the belief that prevention is better than cure and as such, emphasise prevention and preventive treatment to minimise the amount of dental treatment that may be needed in the future.

They are there to make your dental experience as easy and comfortable as possible and we welcome any new NHS or Private patients.

Regular Dental Care Programmes

Most dental practices will offer you an oral examination using intraoral cameras and low dose digital radiography with time to fully discuss your treatment options. If you are in need of treatment that cannot be covered by a general London dentist (NHS as well), they should refer you to another dental specialist such as an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist. More.

  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental Bridges

What To Expect When Visiting Your Dentist
Regular Dental Hygienist Visits

To help you achieve perfect dental health, dental hygienists complete thorough teeth cleaning, dental health education and oral hygiene advice.

Advanced Services

Cosmetic Dental Treatments – fully understanding the importance of a healthy and attractive smile and how it may affect the way you feel, many independent practices offer a full range of cosmetic procedures including:

Emergency Treatment

As a registered patient of your local practice, you will be entitled to emergency advice from one of your dentists. If an emergency occurs during normal opening hours, it is advised that you telephone the practice as soon as possible, or alternatively try to find another emergency dentist.

You will be asked about the nature of the problem. (This is to help reception staff to make the most appropriate appointment for you). If the emergency occurs outside normal clinic times they should provide you with a number which will put you in touch with the dentist on call.