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DermaNew is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the care and smoothing of all skin types, in the form of personal MicroDermabrasion. DermaNew has changed the face of the beauty industry by creating a new category of skin care that has changed the face of individuals the world over.

DermaNew has a very simple belief when it comes to creating beautiful, healthy skin. It involves preparing the skin for exfoliation, hydrating the skin using superior moisturizing ingredients and providing essential nutrients to feed skin.

Personal MicroDermabrasion is a true phenomenon. This new approach to improving your skin is a controlled approach to resurfacing. For those who have skin damaged by sun, stress and the extraordinary act of living life, DermaNew personal MicroDermabrasion can help return skin to general health. For those whose skin is marked by acne, DermaNew personal MicroDermabrasion can help reduce the affects and scarring acne can leave behind.

DermaNew MicroDermabrasion crèmes use natural Corundum Crystals in a moisturising base to refine and clarify skin gently, and effectively. Corundum Crystal is a natural mineral and the MicroDermabrasion crème incorporates very small particles to ensure the skin is not scratched. When the DermaNew Crème is applied to the specially designed foam applicator the crystals become embedded in the "micro-pores" of the foam. This ensures that the Crystals will have an even movement over the surface of the skin and will be utilized to their maximum refining capabilities. The foam application also serves as a pressure regulator so that the perfect amount of pressure is always applied to the skin no matter how much pressure is applied to the Firming/Resurfacing Tool.

When used together, the DermaNew MicroDermabrasion Crème and the Firming/Resurfacing Tool act as a safe and gently alternative to surgical MicroDermabrasion. Surface layers of skin are effectively exfoliated on a continual basis to provide visible implements in the appearance of the skin. The process of skin cell renewal is greatly accelerated with continual use of DermaNew.

From scarred skin to aging skin, DermaNew personal MicroDermabrasion allows you to control the change in your skins texture. It embraces all skin types and textures and gives you that all over glow as if you had just stepped out from a total body spa experience!

DermaNew Personal MicroDermabrasion will help to:

  • Diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Decrease the visible signs of sun damage, skin discolouration and enlarged pores
  • Encourage all - over skin cell renewal
  • Smooth the skin surface from head to toe
  • Clear away impurities and skin cell debris

DermaNew puts natural, beautiful skin in the palm of your hand, with four systems that smooth, soothe and reveal beautiful healthy skin:

  • Total Body Experience
  • Facial Rejuvenating System
  • Acne & Oil Clarify System
  • Hand and Foot Rejuvenating System

Just beneath the surface lies a whole new you ...Discover it with DermaNew



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