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Nails Get Ready to Rock & Roll with ALL SHOOK UP™

Inspired by the hit Broadway show that’s inspired by the music of Elvis Presley®, OPI presents its newest selection of Nail Lacquers… it’s ALL SHOOK UP™ - and it’s shaking things up everywhere!

Featuring more 25 classic Elvis Presley hits, ALL SHOOK UP™ is a burnin’ new musical that follows a young girl in the 1950s as she discovers her dreams through the power of rock and roll. "OPI have created ALL SHOOK UP™ Nail Lacquers to tie in with this hot new show and to celebrate the music of Elvis Presley in a colourful, upbeat way." "Each of the Nail Lacquers is named after a song in the show - together, they really rock this season’s fashion story! ”

features six fabulous Nail Lacquers named for Elvis Presley hits featured in the show:

Above from left:
All Shook Up™ A brilliant,shimmery red that totally rocks!
Burning Love™ Hot orange glowing with desire.
A Little Less Conversation™ Words can ’t describe this fabulous lemony yellow!
Can't Help Falling In Love™ This irresistible fuchsia will steal your heart.
Love Me Tender™ A tender peach kissed with gold.
It's Now or By Fizzy UKr™ Try this jeweled purple before it’s gone!

©Gladys Music 2004, Elvis is a registered Trademark of Elvis Presley Enterprises,Inc.


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