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OPI Introduces AbsoluteFX - ChromaTones Precision Colour Acrylic Powders

With the innovation of OPI AbsoluteFX, nail technicians have twelve luminous, multi-dimensional shades at their fingertips, designed to transform acrylics into artistry.

For salon professionals, OPI’s advanced colour technology gives AbsoluteFX powders more playtime, more punch, and more panache than any coloured acrylic nail technicians have ever experienced!

AbsoluteFX Colour Essentials provide all the primary and secondary colours in perfectly balanced colour concentrates. New shades can be created by intermixing primary and secondary colours. AbsoluteFX Colour Essentials include RedFX, YellowFX, BlueFX, GreenFX, OrangeFX and VioletFX . To create dynamic effects, Absolute PastelFX, BlackFX and four SparkleFX powders may be used. For example:

PastelFX and BlackFX

  • PastelFX – white pasteling powder that is specifically formulated to produce ultra-creamy, perfectly blended pastels.
  • BlackFX – true ebony shade that allows you to darken AbsoluteFX colours.

Absolute SparkleFX

  • ShimmerFX – Clear with multicolor sparkle, ideal for overlaying other

AbsoluteFX shades

  • SilverFX – Silver with dimensional sparkle; a ‘cool’ way to add metal to your designs.
  • GoldFX – Gold with dimensional sparkle; a ‘warm’ way to add metal to your designs.
  • ElectricFX – Vivid Teal Blue with dimensional sparkle; an “electrifying” way to add intensity to your designs.

AbsoluteFX is formulated with the same forgiving consistency as OPI’s original ABSOLUTE. With AbsoluteFX, nail techs can work wetter and enjoy the brushstrokes, or moderate the consistency by using more or less liquid to achieve a myriad of effects.

AbsoluteFX Precision Colour Powders are available individually or in a variety of kits...

Introductory Kit
This kit contains everything salon professionals need to experience the limitless artistry of AbsoluteFX, including nine AbsoluteFX colours! Also includes an AbsoluteFX DVD FREE with purchase. Contents:

  • 20g - .7 Oz. of PastelFX
  • 8g - .28 g each of YellowFX, RedFX, BlueFX, GreenFX, OrangeFX, VioletFX, BlackFX, and ShimmerFX
  • 60 mL - 2 Oz. Absolute Precision Liquid Monomer
  • 48 Structure Nail Tips (24 White and 24 Clear)
  • 1 Instructional DVD
  • 1 Instructional Brochure
  • 1 Table Top Instructions

Trial Kit
Experience the artistry of AbsoluteFX with the mini Trial Kit including six AbsoluteFX colours! Contents:

  • 20g - .7 Oz. PastelFX
  • 8g - .28 g each of YellowFX, RedFX, BlueFX, BlackFX and ShimmerFX
  • 30 mL - 1 Oz. Absolute Precision Liquid Monomer
  • 24 Structure Nail Tips (White)
  • 1 Instructional Brochure
  • 1 Table Top Instructions

SparkleFX Kit
Turn up the volume with this kit including three SparkleFX colours!Use alone for maximum impact, or blend with other AbsoluteFX colours to add high-voltage intensity to your designs! Contents:

  • 8g - .28g each of SilverFX, GoldFX and ElectricFX
  • 1 Instructional Brochure

Instructional DVD
The DVD features award-winning competition artist John Hauk and acclaimed Asian nail artist David Lee offering tips and techniques for creating a myriad of effects and unlimited designs with AbsoluteFX. It also features interviews with the artists and live footage of the AbsoluteFX fashion shoot.

AbsoluteFX is available beginning September 2004.

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