Emergency dental care - What you need to know

Common Questions about Emergency Dental Care

It is often hard to know whether your dental problems are an emergency or if they can wait to be seen by a normal dentist.

Here we have answered some common questions to help you decide what to do about your dental problem.

Do I need to fill out any paperwork?

Although it is hard to say exactly how every single emergency clinic will operate with regards to registered and unregistered patients you will be expected to fill out some paperwork if you have not attended an appointment with your selected clinic before.

This is because your dentist needs to know if you have any health concerns or problems that could complicate surgery; things like allergies and whether you are taking any medication should be mentioned first.

The questionnaires that emergency dentists provide should be fairly short and easy to fill in, but remember to be as accurate and honest as you possibly can be because your treatment could be affected if you forget something or chose to conceal a major health issue.

You may also be given the opportunity to register permanently with the specific clinic in case you think you might need to return for further treatment at a later date.

This is well worth considering if you are someone who suffers from regular dental problems, it is always helpful to be associated with a surgery that can provide emergency services as well as check-ups and other normal dental care.

Before you agree to go ahead with the surgery all paperwork should be completed and your dentist should talk you through every aspect of the treatment you are about to receive – including mentioning the price.

Generally speaking, you will find that emergency clinics charge a little bit more than your regular dentist but don’t let that put you off – this is simply because it is an on-the-spot service that requires more finances on the part of the clinic.

The quality of the services should also be highly professional and very safe if you are attending an appointment with a reputable clinic of good standing in the industry.

How much will my treatment cost?

It is hard to assess how much your treatment will cost.

In many emergency cases, no treatment will actually be completed but any open wounding or damaged teeth will be treated, in order to protect you from infection.

In this case, you will be offered a range of options on how to complete the work needed to be done. Often, dentists that have treated emergency problems refer their patients to a specialist.

This is particularly common with treatments such as dental implants as they require consultation and specialist advice. Often dental implants cost per tooth (UK) so the price will vary depending on how many implants you get.

The best way to find out how much your treatment will cost is to research prices from the various dental practices or specialists available to you.

Remember that emergency or immediate work will often cost ore as the treatment may be completed at unsociable hours

Where can I find an emergency dentist and is it necessary?

There are a number of websites that help you find a local emergency dentist. We would recommend these:

Find A Dentist Near Me | mydentist

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