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Cosmetic Treatments to Transform Your Look

Start your smile makeover today

A Smile Makeover Can Rejuvenate Your Face

Smile More Dental Care is one of London’s superior private dentistry practices, especially for smile makeovers. For the last 25 years, their team has been delivering exceptional, friendly and responsible patient care to patients across London and nearby counties that are looking for a smile makeover. Click here for information on their free smile analysis.

What is involved?

The initial appointment

The initial consultation is absolutely free and without any obligation. You’ll see one of their treatment coordinators and they’ll discuss the general procedure; look to establish your concerns and expectations; answer any queries and questions; show you examples of previous cases; take you through the various steps and basically explain everything that’s involved in the smile makeover process.

Oral examination

The next stage would be an appointment with a hygienist for a comprehensive examination to check all is healthy (this includes a soft tissue exam and an oral cancer check televideo examination), the dentist will then measure the condition of the gums and do a smile analysis to establish what improvements can be made.

Tooth whitening is often involved in the smile makeover process.

Hygiene appointment

A hygienist will see you to give your teeth a through clean and to recommend a good home care routine. Healthy gums are essential to the health of your teeth. We firmly believe that knowledge is power and so the more information you have the better for the long term health of your mouth. Clean your teeth properly.

Stage One - Preparation appointment

This is a long appointment so best to put aside a morning or afternoon. You’ll be given a painless local anaesthetic before your dentist undertakes some gentle reshaping of your teeth and completes any necessary laser work. After taking impressions, he then hand builds temporary veneers based on the wax mock-up, spending considerable time refining and customising the new smile. Time will be spent choosing the right colour, taking into account skin tone and hair colour.

After living with the temporary veneers for a few days, your practice will invite you back in to give them your feedback - are you happy with the general shape and feel, do you like the colour, is there anything you’d like to change ?