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Where do I start?

There are several different routes you can take to enter the beauty industry, below is a recommended 4-step path, however this is only a guide - it’s your career and you can choose!

Step One: a manicure course

We would highly recommend that anyone looking to enter a career in the nail industry starts with a manicure course, the skills you develop will be the foundation of your training as a successful nail technician.  You will learn how to protect the integrity of the natural nail in addition to proceedures that allow you to perform the ultimate in hand and nail care treatments.

Step Two: a pedicure course

If you enjoy natural nail care, a pedicure course is an obvious next step from a manicure course.  It provides you with the skills to offer one of the most luxurious and intimate service on your treatment menu.  You will acquire the knowledge and proceedures to be classed as a true foot professional!

Step Three: a foundation course

Although foundation courses cover some of the same content as a manicure and pedicure course, most nail technicians find it beneficial to have completed at least one of these courses, in particular manicure, prior to starting a foundation course.  The range of techniques and products covered in a foundation course allow you to fully expand your treatment menu so you can offer your clients a more extensive range of nail services.

Step Four: an advanced workshop

Once you have conquered the various systems and procedures covered in a foundation course, you might want to attend an advanced workshop which will develop your existing skills and take your treatment menu to the next level.  These workshops are solely focused on one range of products or one type of nail treatment and are designed to enable you fully master every skill related to that area.

If this 4-step approach isn’t quite what you are looking for, please feel free to call our Education department on 01923 240 010 and a member of our team will be on hand to discuss a more tailor-made approach to your training needs.

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