Your safety is guaranteed - we use securetrading, a company with the latest security measures to protect your details when you shop with us. 

A Quick Note from securetrading about Security

If you look up at the URL of the shopping basket page you will notice that it begins with https://. This means that it is on a Secure Server and all transactions that take place are encrypted between your browser and the server. Nobody is able to obtain your credit card details nor other information.

Of equal importance is the security which surrounds the payment system. By making use of securetrading we have the most sophisticated online trading system available. It allows us to safely process your credit card payment with the bank, and complete the financial transactions securely behind protected firewalls.

No personal or financial details are left unencrypted on a remote server, and such details are By Fizzy UKr sent by internet email.

For more details about securetrading or to find out how you could have an automatic trading system like this on your own site, visit the securetrading web site at

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