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Suzi - The Woman behind the colours!

Over the years, the success of OPI Nail Lacquer has been due in large part to Suzi’s sense of colour, her passion for fashion, and her unerring sense of what women want. Who is Suzi?  Suzi started working with OPI from the beginning when the company was a two-person office!  Her forte is fashion and colour - and this has certainly become apparent over the years!

Suzi selects her shades for each OPI Collection in much the same way that fashion designers choose fabric.  She is fully aware of upcoming colour trend, thanks to her international network of resources, and spends countless hours each season picking the 12 Nail Lacquers that work best with upcoming runway fashions.

Suzi herself is a fashion icon, always found in the season’s most current fashions but always with her own touch of style added. From her earliest days with OPI to now, she has emerged as a symbol of today’s contemporary business woman, managing personal and professional life and always looking the part.

To see Suzi’s fashion forecasts for the year click below:

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