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Here are 15 top tips to keep in mind before undergoing any permanent makeup treatments

To achieve the best results with permanent makeup, numerous sessions are typically required. After four to six weeks, clients should expect a follow-up appointment to touch upon any treatment that was previously conducted.  Check out our makeup tips.

During the first procedure, an artist will implant less pigment into the skin. This will allow you to get used to the new shape and colour of whatever procedure you have opted for. As pigment implantation lasts a long time, it is imperative that you speak to your technician at that very moment if you’re not happy with something.

Once the initial procedure is finished, you can expect the intensity of the colour to be significantly darker. However, as the skin around that area heals, the pigmentation will become lighter. This can take up to seven days. Contact us for more advice.

Permanent makeup treatments in Kew, London

What are the pros & cons?

Permanent eyebrows can create such amazing results that help to give you that extra bit of confidence. For the pros and cons of eyebrow tattoos, see this website

Our mini tips that you should consider:

  1. As the skin around the area may be red or swollen, we recommend not making social plans for the same day as it will be very obvious.
  2. Wear normal or no makeup on the day of the treatment
  3. Don’t drink alcohol the day before or on the day

What you should/shouldn’t do before an eyebrow procedure

The most popular semi-permanent procedure is tattooed eyebrows, as the trend of fully, perfectly shaped brows is certainly in. Find salons in London.

If you require any waxing treatments, make sure this has been performed at least 48 hours in advance. For individuals that undergo electrolysis, this should be no less than five days prior. Eyebrow tinting should be no less than two weeks before. See more about aesthetic treatments.

Lip liner/colour pigmentation

If you previously have had cold sores, we recommend contacting your doctor prior to treatment so you can obtain the correct medication to avoid any breakouts during this period. Although lip liner treatment doesn’t cause cold sores if you are a carrier it can be brought on by the treatment.